Digital witchcrafters agency. Reasonable use of dark magic guaranteed.

What we are

CRAFTEKE started with a big crazy project: 3D-scanning a 50 000 square meter building to turn it into an immersive VR experience. We develop the tools and skills to complete projects like this in-house, and our expertise is at the forefront of both creation and technology. Our activities are driven by curiosity to explore new fields of technology: data synthesis for AI training, computer graphics, photogrammetry, video games, AR/VR, interactive experiences and electronics.

Our projects can be either software or hardware, completely fun or really serious, and dedicated to enterprise or people.

We could be described as digital crafters. Craft is not scalable, neither do we. As enthusiastics we’ll always be happy to hear your story, whether it’s low-tech or high-tech.

Who we are

The core team of CRAFTEKE is only made of 3 people. But it's already enough to do some nice stuff. We also work with a multidisciplinary constellation of experts that have become our friends over the years: graphic designers, sound designers, illustrators, makers, cookers... We like to assemble the perfect team for your project.

Sébastien Lebon

CTO/Unity master

Pierre-Henri Wibaut

CEO/Ninja coder

Dr. Unicorn

Guru/Senior Designer

Our skills

In some area, we masterize. In some others, we improvise. And draw upon a pool of expert. Each project is an opportunity to get our hands dirty with some new technologies, to learn new skills, or to improve. Essentially, you can count on us for:

  • Project analysis
  • Technical design
  • Coding
  • Hardware integration


Here be dragons. You'll find a mix of projects, some for fun, others are serious. A part of our intervention are "cartes blanches", creative projects that are engines for expanding our skills in limited constraints environment.

Citizen Lights

Topics: interactivity / urban-gaming / electronics / IoT / hardware

A street is made of residents and passersby. How can you involve all of them in a cooperative way to make a digital art installation alive? In this project, we build 50 boxes that were scattered among the neighborhood to make each window a part of a luminous staging. Passersby encountered a structure with 5 buttons in the middle of the street. Lights and colours encourage them to interactively make the lights react. The street inhabitants designed with us the light effects and scenarios. This project was co-realized with Thomas Laureyssens (LUCA School of Arts).


Topics: photogrammetry / Virtual-Reality / cultural heritage / 3D / Unity

This is all about ephemeral experiences, memories, heritage and the flow of time. "Remember Souvenir" is a performance: Denis Meyers painted 50.000 square meters of the Solvay head-office building. The whole thing is now destroyed: from the start, artistic considerations where schedule to take the back seat when the real-estate developers showed up. With the hope of keeping a trace of our architectural, cultural, and industrial history, we completed a 3D scan of the entire building, including the art performance. This project was a huge technical challenge due to its vastness.

3D Scanning

We love to capture real-life objects through 3D scanning for miscellaneous applications. It can be entire buildings, nut shells, or anything in-between. In the past, we used 3D scanning for digital factories and models, archeology, movie making, crystal engraving... We like to scan outdoor, indoor, underground, underwater or even in altitude.

Data synthesis

Topics: Deep-learning / AI / CG / motion-capture / 3D

Our core "serious" business is in the area of data sciences, especially in deep learning. We have developed specific engines to generate massive amounts of data, in order to empower AI solutions.

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