We craft magical things with computers

What can we Craft for you?


Gamification is a way of enhancing an experience with narrative and interactive installations. Whether you want to build an escape room, a simulator or gamify a museum we can help you with creative consulting, hardware and software development.

VR/AR & 3D scanning

We can help you in your AR/VR project on the engine of your choice, with the most suitable headset for your application. We capture real-life object in 3D for all manner of applications, using the right combination of techniques blending photogrammetry, LiDAR, time-of-flight and other types of techniques. We can capture anything from a thimble to an entire city.

Data synthesis

We develop synthetic data engines for machine learning using off-the-shelf tools like Unreal Engine, Unity or Blender. We also develop our own tooling where required for advanced functionalities that are not provided out-of-the box.

Who are we ?

Our projects and research are driven by curiosity to explore new fields of technology: : interactive experiences, computer graphics, video games, AR/VR,data synthesis, machine learning, and electronics.
We work with both software or hardware on all manner of projects ranging from completely fun public-facing digital art applications to really serious large-scale B2B services

We could be described as digital crafters. Whether you're low-tech or high-tech we look forward to hearing from you and your technology needs.

Our skills

Crafteke main goal is helping you in integrating technology in your creative project.
Essentially, you can count on us for:

  • Technical design
  • Coding
  • Gamification
  • 3D scanning
  • Hardware integration

Interactive experiences


Topics: interactivity / gamification / electronics / IoT / hardware / software / game engine / connected reality

Beginning of 2020, we started to create our own Escape Room. And we developed the whole engine, hardware controllers and devices to make it real. We have created a toolkit that enables us to quikly deploy solid interactive experiences in the real world, including camera management, diagnostic and testing tools, and hints triggers. Now the experience is open and awaits you here: dystopia.brussels!

"The things that go away" by Beatrice Alemagna

Topics: interactivity / gamification / electronics / IoT / hardware / software

An interactive experience based on the book "The things that go away" by Beatrice Alemagna for le "Musée de poche" in Paris. The interactions are triggered by motion detection.

Meet mortaza

Topics: interactivity /augmented reality / unity / software

Meet Mortaza AR was a poetic form of documentary that tackles the themes of exile and asylum in an intimate and positive way. Following the traces of his journey from Kabul to Paris, the experience gradually prepares the audience to discover Mortaza himself.

Citizen Light

Topics: interactivity / urban-gaming / electronics / IoT / hardware

A street is made of residents and passersby. How can you involve all of them in a cooperative way to make a digital art installation alive? In this project, we build 50 boxes that were scattered among the neighborhood to make each window a part of a luminous staging. Passersby encountered a structure with 5 buttons in the middle of the street. Lights and colours encourage them to interactively make the lights react. The street inhabitants designed with us the light effects and scenarios. This project was co-realized with Thomas Laureyssens (LUCA School of Arts).

3D scan

Remember Souvenir

Topics: photogrammetry / Virtual-Reality / cultural heritage / 3D / Unity

This is all about ephemeral experiences, memories, heritage and the flow of time. "Remember Souvenir" is a performance: Denis Meyers painted 50.000 square meters of the Solvay head-office building. The whole thing is now destroyed: from the start, artistic considerations where schedule to take the back seat when the real-estate developers showed up. With the hope of keeping a trace of our architectural, cultural, and industrial history, we completed a 3D scan of the entire building, including the art performance. This project was a huge technical challenge due to its vastness..


data generation for deep learning

Topics: Deep-learning / AI / CG / motion-capture / 3D

We have developed specific engines to generate massive amounts of data, in order to empower AI solutions.